Whether it’s a beautiful woman looking out of a plate glass window on a light studded landscape, the clean lines of white leather high spec seating systems, or a top of the range stainless steel kitchen with wonderful lighting effects – all these shots are designed to transport us to a better life, to another world full of possibilities.  A good  product photographer taps into that part of our psyche that wishes to own or posses, and is able to make the fantastical real and achievable.

At Studiovogue Photography we are able to visually transport your product to the realms of the ’simply must have’ and the ‘cutting edge’. Some of our clients include:

  • E’senk
  • Tootle engineering
  • Pocket Diva
  • Gallagher’s Wines
  • Pankhurst Wines
  • Viktoria Novak Designs
  • Katarina Peker Designs
  • Country Energy
  • Samaya The art of living
  • and many more